Every Soul a Star

Every Soul a Star

Book by Wendy Mass. I do not own this picture, it is from Google Images.

Okiiie, so here’s my first book review.

Every Soul a Star is an enchanting story that is realistic, and that’s what I like about it.  You know, it’s magic in the way that can exist, that gives us hope.  It is the story of three kids who would never have been friends if it weren’t for some miracle that happened.  You know how it is, you’re at the same place and then you talk and then…I won’t tell you anymore of the story, though.  You’ll have to read it!  The main characters are Bree, Ally and Jack.

Bree is a Little Miss Popularity that has no interest in her parents’ scientist jobs.  She is beautiful (that’s what everyone says), and very confident.  Maybe a little too confident.

Ally is a little dreamer, always nice to everyone, and charming.  She has lived at  Moon Shadow campgrounds for as long as she can remember.  She knows everthing about the stars.  Our Ally is homeschooled, so she doesn’t now much about “civilization”.

Jack is awkward, reject and has a little too much weight.  Well, that’s what he thinks of himself.  I think he’s nice, special and smart.

Okay, so that was it!  Read the book if you want to know the rest!

Stay tuned for another BOOKSMYSELFANDI review. 😀


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